sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2012

Racism in Brazil

Racism in Brazil has been a major issue since the colonial era and slavery imposedby the Portuguese colonizers.
Those who earn less than minimum wage, 63% black and 34are whiteOf the richest people11black and 85are white.

In a survey conducted in 2000, 93% of the respondents acknowledged that there isracial prejudice in Brazil, but 87of respondents said they still have never felt such discrimination. This indicates that the Brazilians recognize that there is racial inequality, but prejudice is not a current issuebut something reminiscent of slavery.

Which is racism?

Despite all the modernity experienced by societies today unfortunately is still common to find cases of prejudice and discrimination because of race differencesIn theories of law and practices of everyday life, racism is an attitude that must be abolished, buteven today, many people do not know what isSo it is good to clarify some doubtsabout what racism is.

Racism is not a scientific theory but a set of preconceived opinions where the main function is to enhance the biological differences between human beings, which some believe to be superior to others according to their racial matrixThe belief of the existence of superior and inferior races has often served to justify slavery, the domainof some people by others, and the genocides that have occurred throughout human history.

The history of racism

Racism is the trend of thought, or way of thinking, which attaches great importance to the notion of the existence of separate human races and one superior to another,usually relating to certain inherited physical traits and intelligence or cultural events.